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streaming tonight at 9pm BST

Guild Ball Announcements Yesterday, 08:00 PM
www.twitch.tv/guildball   some live sculpting with Russ, plus a project update...
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Hello from Indianapolis

Introductions Yesterday, 04:31 AM
Greetings from Indianapolis IN, I have been playing tabletop miniatures games for about ten years now everything from Confrontation 3 to Warmachine. Warmachine is my current go to game because of the solid rules, I can see the same potential in Guild Ball and can't wait to start getting in more g...
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Terrain Tales

The Display Cabinet Yesterday, 12:13 AM
This seems the place to post this...   When my wife and I played our test games of Guild Ball, we used a bit of 2'x2' chipboard we had in the shed, but it simply wasn't large enough for a full teams game. We had nothing else (I've always played wargames in stores, clubs or at friends), so we...
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Any rumors or info on playstyle

Engineer's Guild 14 Apr 2014
Any rumors or info on playstyle?
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Scoring without Momentum

Guild Ball Discussion 14 Apr 2014
You have to have momentum to score. Them's the rules. It means you can't score as the first action on a turn, and have to do some setup. It's occasionally clumsy, but leads to some interesting plays and, I guess, is instituted to stop goal hanging.   But...   I ran into a situation in a...
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